Current Projects


Gallerie is a JQuery plugin that offers a basic lightbox-like gallery viewer of a collection of images. It features a simple overlay with a scrollable thumbnail list, image loading hint, as well as an image caption and index. The overlay thumbnails automatically scroll with the user's mouse and can be activated by click or custom event. Several methods exist to allow for extending the plugin with richer functionality through javascript.

OfCourse! Social Course Management

A new course management application that allows users to track their academic courses in a social environment. Users can tag their course assignments, quizes, exams, and other information across devices while sharing event information with other users in the same course. When other students tag new events such as assignments, users of the same course are notified and can add it to their own list of tasks. All information is automatically tracked using google calendar for seamless integration into existing calendar apps!
Expected August 2013 on Android, iOS TBD

Social Networking Application

A social networking and events app with a new and innovative approach to everyday life. Targeting Android and iOS platforms.
Expected Fall 2013 on Android, iOS TBD

Network-aware Data Movement Advisor (NADMA)

A python tool for use by scientists and network engineers that enables faster file transfers of massive datasets through the discovery and recommendation of networking resources and transfer technologies. High-speed networks and technologies have been developed to allow for massive, faster file transfer between research institutions, laboratories, and universities. Unfortunately, these technologies are difficult to manage and discover without extensive an extensive networking background or existing familiarity, causing many users to fall back to slower dumb protocols such as HTTP over best-effort networks. NADMA seeks to empower the user by discovering compatible capabilities of the networks and hosts of any given endpoints through an easy-to-use web-based interface that runs locally in memory.

Fast and Simple Transfer Tool (FAST Tool)

FAST attempts to remove the complexities found in the interface of NADMA/WINDMA and replace them with the simplicity found in a command-line tool. It attempts to emulate the straightforward nature of wget while utilizing the high-speed networks and protocols available between research institutions, labs, and universities.
Alpha expected May 2013 for Linux, OS X