Previous Projects

Below you will find a few long-term projects that I have worked on in the past decade that I keep here for reference. Many of them are still popular even today and they still work in most environments without too many problems. A compliment to their rich functionality or a result of their specialized nature? Who knows. If you run into issues, submit a ticket to the appropriate github project link and maybe someone will fix it.

EP-Dev Counter

EP-Dev Counter is one the most option-packed counters on the internet. Online Visitors/Daily Visitors/Total Visitors/Total Hits counting. Both file and mysql databases supported. Easy-to-edit counter display file. Automatic Database Trimming (both file and mysql). Configurable Online Time, Auto Archive Option, Hit Offset Feature, notation format (none/english/french), Graphical or Text, configurable Number Length, IP Ignore/block, hide counter option, and statistic viewing (averages, stats, graphs). Licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.
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EP-Dev Forum News

This script is designed to take forums posts from one or more forum categories and arrange them in a news format. Currently it works with vBulletin, Invision Power Board (ipb), Web Burning Board (wbb), YaBB SE, Simple Machines Forum (SMF), MyBB, phpBB, and primitive RSS/XML sources. It will display a specified amount of posts on a page as well as give recent headlines from one or multiple forums. News post display contains title, news text, comment number, author, date, avatar, etc. It will automatically detect and display all smilies displayed in the forum as well as popular bbcode. All aspects of the script can be easily edited from within the Admin Control Panel. Licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.
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EP-Dev Whois

A whois php script that has a multitude of features. It will act an an ordinary whois script, returning whois information natively on about 200 different extensions with the ability to easily add more. It will also act as a whois script for registrars who plan to pass available domains into a billing system for a customer to order. These two modes contain a many of features: price table, automatic alternative domain searches, ability to pass the full domain and/or extension (tld) to another script, backup nameservers, domain search logging, multiple extension (tld) searches as one time, query limit bypass, custom keyword and query formats for each nameserver, enable/disable nameservers and/or extensions, custom currency support, and much more. All of the configuration can be edited from within control panel. Fully template driven, allowing for one to easily edit almost every element of the display to fit any website. Licensed under GNU General Public License, version 2.


  • Support for approximately 200 different extensions including popular extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .us, .ca,, .biz, .info. .tv, .ws, and .eu
  • Price table support
  • Custom currency support
  • Ability to pass domain and extension to other billing scripts
  • Automatic alternative domain and extension queries
  • Query logging
  • Multiple domain and/or extension queries
  • Ability to support non-standard whois servers
  • Whois report caching
  • Whois report protection using captchas
  • Whois report email protection (prevent spammers from collecting emails)
  • International domain name support
  • Automatic removal of common query server notices from whois reports
  • Powerful server validator tool allows you to adapt to changes in whois server responses.
  • Intelligent query engine allows you to bypass query limits for some whois servers.
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